11-Year-Old Boy Killed for "Absolutely No Reason" After Lunatic Strikes Him in Neck with Machete

The Dominican Republic is reeling in horror after yet another brutal machete incident led to the near lynching of a suspect before authorities managed to intervene.
Weapon of choice as society collapses. CDN

Listin Diario, a large-circulation daily in the Dominican Republic, reported that Victor de Paula simply entered a corner store in the capital of the Caribbean island and, without uttering a word, struck Antonio de la Cruz in the neck. 

Mr. de Paula attempted to make his getaway on foot, but was apprehended by a large crowd of individuals who came to the verge of lynching him, something that has unfortunately become too common in the once-safe country.

A family member of the victim told the media that there was no apparent motive for the crime, as has been the case in previous attacks. 

According to some Dominican sociologists, rapid urbanization has destroyed the structure of support once provided by the large, cohesive Dominican families, which, combined with rising wealth disparity in Latin American's fastest-growing economy, has led to a volatile rise in violent crime on the island, attacks often directed against the most defenseless. 

In a country where guns are heavily regulated, and where the government has set in motion a disarmament plan, mentally-deranged individuals rely on bladed weapons to carry out random attacks. 

A family is crying over its lost child today, but they won't be the last, since the government will never be able to outlaw machetes.