Agent Provocateurs May Spark America's Next Civil War

The prospect of a civil war has never been greater in the United States. Regardless of who wins the general election, there will be tension that will inevitably lead to riots, as the Republican contender has already claimed that he expects the elections to be fraudulent. That Mr. Trump would be willing to assert that he expects to be the victim of a conspiracy which will rob him of victory only highlights the America in which we now live, an America in which people see Machiavellian shadows beneath every political candidate. 

My good friend who served honorably in the US Army and with whom I've had more drinks than I can count went to a Trump rally and, like many other people there, he showed up drunk. To him the rally was pre-gaming, something which he could talk to with us at the bar. 

Mr. Trump's power lies in his ability to rally the drunk masses, and during the upcoming elections, you can expect that a lot of people will be drinking, and they will be in bars, invigorated.

In some Latin counties, bars are forced to shut down during election time because Mr. Trump's political style is populist and emotional in nature, like in much of Latin America. To have lived through Latin elections is to know how the 2016 elections will be in the United States; an air of tension will engulf the very air itself, everyone will feel like they have something riding on the victory, everyone will be suspicious of the opposition, and families will be torn apart at the dinner table. No one will admit defeat.

The United States does not have a law to shut down its bars during the general elections, but after this election such a law may become imperative. 

Come November, we can expect the same level of frenzy that engulfs soccer fans in Europe who've have a few too many pints of beer. Given the level of militarization of today's police forces, we can also expect the response to the frenzy to be draconian in nature. 
A scene from the future. YNW
Depending on how draconian the response is to the rioting and how powerful the images are of warrior cops beating on the losing team, and depending on how President Obama handles the situation, shall we see if a civil war can be prevented.

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama will likely work to stoke a civil war should Hillary Clinton win in order to enact Continuity of Government plans which will make the United States a de facto dictatorship with the Department of Homeland Security overriding the power of the states. 

There may very well be agent provocateurs "out drinking," and all it takes to turn a drunk crowd into a mob is a talented FBI agent.

At this stage of the game, every single police department in the United States should be preparing for mayhem in November. We may very well have reached the most dangerous period in America's history, and the Republic itself could implode from within.