Dominican People Decry "Quasi-Dictatorship," Plan "Funeral for Democracy"

The 16th of August marks not only the day when the president's term begins, but it is also the day when, many generations ago, the Dominican people rose up against Spanish tyranny. 

Naturally, August is in the Dominican Republic a month where nationalism and rebellion engulfs the spirit of the people. At tomorrow's presidential inauguration ceremony, Danilo Medina will stand not only amid his loyal supporters, who see in him the salvation of the nation, but he will also have to contend with large, angry mobs protesting his unprecedented re-coronation, which required a rewriting of the Constitution.

Somos Pueblo and Poder Ciudadano, two of the largest non-partisan groups in the Dominican Republic, will hold a "Funeral for Democracy" tomorrow to express their grievances with the Dominican Liberation Party [PLD,] which has ruled the Dominican Republic for a generation, coming to control every single sector of society. 

The two groups complain that the PLD used state funds to propel the president's re-election campaign, and that the president has stood by as Felix Bautista, a senator for the PLD who is often the focus of corruption probes, continues to enjoy a powerful influence over the country's purse. 

Mr. Bautista has recently earned the ire of Somos Pueblo and Poder Ciudadano after a former candidate for Haiti's presidency alleged that he paid a significant sum of money to her, confirming that the senator was heavily involved in financing foreign politicians, to the detriment of his constituents. 

The PLD controls the courts, and many citizens believe that it is highly unlikely that any high-ranking member of the party could ever face justice, with Somos Pueblo and Poder Ciudadano further complaining that the ruling party has used heavy-handed tactics in quashing any opposition, often buying out political opponents. 

According to the large digital portal Acento, Somos Pueblo and Poder Ciudadano protest that the PLD is putting the country's legacy in jeopardy, plundering its resources and failing to protect the people, all the while implementing an agenda which consolidates power.