Open Conspiracy: George Soros Wants to Open Border Between Dominican Republic and Haiti

George Soros, the most notorious Hungarian-born billionaire, is back in the news today after being the center of controversy over the past weeks with revelations by DCLeaks that he has been active in financing violent elements within the Black Lives Matter movement while also openly stoking a refugee crisis to further his globalist objectives. The latest accusations pinned on Mr. Soros are that he took action to bring down the documents proving how he has been ruthlessly manipulating tension across the world. 

Before DCLeaks revealed that Mr. Soros went as low as trying to buy the ear of the Pope's best friend in order to push his agenda in the Vatican, many would have thought it unthinkable that a prominent figure would so blatantly work to erase national sovereignty, killing people's cultures in the process.
Soros fiddles while America burns. YNW

If ever people cried out that their country was being destroyed by powerful foreigners, they were brutally silenced by paid cronies in the media. And indeed, the level of silence which the mainstream media has exhibited in regards to revelations by DCLeaks proves just how heavily controlled the corporations which the citizenry expect to keep them informed are. 

Yet there can now be no doubt that the media is willfully silent as to Mr. Soros' activities around the world, and there can no longer be any doubt that the corporations which control the information we receive will, beyond taking part in a conspiracy of silence, actively work to crush voices of dissent, as was the case with Twitter shutting down DCLeaks. 

In the same way that the media has completely buried the stunning documents showing just how Mr. Soros has had his hands on everything from the riots which have rocked America's inner cities to the assassination of Dominican border patrol agents preventing the trafficking of undocumented Haitian nationals, so will they bury evidence of powerful individuals openly implementing his agenda. 

In a meeting with the Dominican president, Mr. Soros urged him to grant legal status to every Haitian person living without documents on Dominican soil, while thereafter proceeding to diabolically express his interest in the country's children, not even hiding his attempts to mold young minds with his warped globalist agenda. 

Once the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic bursts open, a refugee crisis of unparalleled proportions will be unleashed upon the Americas, as millions of starving Haitians seek "the land of trees and food." 

While the pretext of opening the border will be that of lessening the overall misery of humanity, the fact is that, like communism, open borders will only lead to the collapse of Caribbean tourism, but Mr. Soros will likely have shorted the correct companies and profited handsomely from the obliteration of Central America's currencies.