The Rise Of Anti-Dominican Rhetoric

Back in 2007, The New York Times published an article called "A Slap In The Face Of a Dominican Hero." The article was about an anti-Dominican group out to paint Juan Pablo Duarte as a racist. They spread fliers throughout the No. 1 train in Washington Heights, calling the Dominican hero "The Father of Racism" and a white devil.

Perhaps Duarte didn't have the right skin tone to set in motion what would lead to the great defeat of the "Black Empire" at the the hands of the mighty, new Dominican nation, bravely facing off against a larger army. Not only was the war of Dominican independence won in a convincing fashion (Battle of Azua), but we also kept on winning every time the Haitians decided to re-invade the newly-founded republic.

However, for "Social Justice Warrior" revisionists, this isn't the way history went; for them, it was the white devil Duarte and traitorous blacks and mulattoes choosing to side with white supremacy, since there is just no way the bad guys/oppressors were black, even though this was exactly the case.

The spiteful rhetoric coming out of Washington Heights could have possibly been spread by self-loathing Dominicans who have been radicalized by Afrocentric groups which, in my opinion, do not have our best interests in mind.

Say what you will, but no one will ever put you or your people in front of themselves, it's just the selfish nature of man, yet many young Dominicans are being bamboozled. 

Anti-Dominican rhetoric still thrives in the public discourse to this day, and I say that because on social media and many blogs and news articles you see the fertilizer being put into the ground for an anti-Juan Pablo Duarte campaign to eventually sprout and bloom.

In June of 2015, the relentless anti-Dominican campaign reached its most-recent apex over the heavily debated issue of "statelessness" in the DR, which is nothing more than a false accusation, pushed onto the minds of the people with high-quality propaganda, exaggerating personal narratives that never paint the entire picture as it really is.

The Dominican people are pretty much being blackmailed into ceding their sovereignty in the name of human rights, a bullshit agenda propagated by "1st world" journalists who get told what to write about from their comfortable homes or offices.

You could read a dozen anti-Dominican articles and they all sound like they share the same editor, regurgitating a rehashed narrative line-for-line, almost comically and painfully obvious to the tune of Mr. Soros' rhythm. No country except the Dominican Republic would ever put up with such blatant lies and the promotion of the violation of its immigration laws. In Chile, Panama, Colombia, and the Bahamas authorities seek out immigrants in their own homes, evicting undocumented Haitians with no stress from Amnesty International or the mainstream media.

However, when us Dominicans, who are facing nothing less than a passive invasion, try to enforce order in our territory, the corporate media plays the race card and calls it "ethnic cleansing."

Ethnic cleansing my ass! E' Pa' Fuera Que Van!

Gone are the days when this type of subversion wouldn't be uncovered; the internet has ruined that for people like Mr. Soros and his radical henchmen. As we saw in recently released documents by DCLeaks, Mr. Soros' Open Society has been planning to silence any opposition to his open border kumbaya rhetoric, marketing it in the same way snake oil salesmen did in decades past. 

Most of the funding for this anti-Dominican campaign can been easily traced to the tentacles sprouting for Mr. Soros' proxy organizations -- Amnesty International, Rights4AllInDr, CIDH, Human Rights Watch -- who along with  self-appointed apparatchiks only feed the fire of social division, never presenting any real solutions or providing tangible help to the Haitian side of the island. 

It's no secret that more than 14 billion dollars in aid have gone missing, with the Dominicans left to foot the bill and even pay to conduct Haiti's elections.

But what of the Dominican child? What shall become of him and his future, when he now has to compete for already scarce resources to live his life, educate himself or even receive medical care? 

You can see tourists posting pictures to social media of locals from their visits to the D.R. and the kids aren't even Dominican, mostly young Haitians. You see, billionaires like Mr. Soros are complete frauds. With all the money Mr. Soros has, he could actually make a difference in Haiti and it wouldn't even affect him financially at all. 

Instead, Mr. Soros pushes for open borders and death to sovereignty and culture, enabling salivating leeches known as NGOs who, instead of creating opportunities for those who need it, instigate racial tension and defame Dominicans while collecting a salary. 

What a world we live in, where solidarity wouldn't be a valuable commodity even if it was toilet paper in Venezuela!

These organizations are directly working to displace one group of people for another, who on their own already face enormous challenges and difficulties, and then of course they have to create divisions using race, since otherwise there's really no way to attack Dominicans. 

However, the time when buzzwords like "xenophobia" and "solidarity" could distort the real narrative are over. We don't give a damn about open border, fusionist rhetoric. In the words of Duarte, "Long live the Dominican Republic!"

To be continued....

By: El Conde