Americans Unlikely to Discover 9/11 Truth During Next Presidential Administration

A conspiracy of silence. YNW
A decade and a half has passed since the worst atrocity in US history and Americans still can't say for sure who exactly was responsible for orchestrating the attacks which brought down the Twin Towers in Manhattan.

The 9/11 Congressional report contained 28 classified pages which many speculated would provide a smoking gun showing how elements within the monarchy of Saudi Arabia directly financed and enabled the start of the War on Terror.

Although the 28 pages have been declassified, indicating that there were more coincidences than one would normally expect between the Saudi Embassy in Washington and some of the hijackers, they can only conclusively establish that the Bush administration worked to hamper efforts at uncovering further Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

Some patriots believe that the very act of hampering an investigation into the death of 3,000 Americans constitutes "high treason," but for some reason the self-appointed patriots in government haven't bothered to ask for an indictment against those responsible, likely because they wouldn't want to be the recipients of anthrax in the mail. 

At the onset of Donald Trump's candidacy, he courted the 9/11 truth crowd and it seemed almost certain that the American people would finally elect a man who would break down the wall of secrets which was erected around the most dastardly false flag attack the modern world has seen. 

Mr. Trump, perhaps to protect himself from assassination, hired Rudy Giuliani, a confessed 9/11 conspirator, and brought in Steven Mnuchin, a known Bonesman. 

Hillary Clinton never even provided the slight hope that the American people would learn what they deserve to know, since she has been a willing collaborator in the elite's war to destroy America for decades.

Although the establishment would like to keep the truth suppressed forever, the time will inevitably come when the official conspiracy theory is seen for what it is: too ludicrous to be accepted even by someone with 16th century knowledge of physics.