Anglo-Corporate Media Condones Haitian Lack of Action on Accepting Dangerous Deportees

The island of Hispaniola is smaller than South Carolina, but it receives enough attention from global migration observers to give the impression that it is an archipelago with ten times its size and population, a place where the Dominican government utilizes the full-power of its border patrol to deport without cause any single person dark enough to readily pass for Haitian. 

When the Anglo-corporate media reports on the island of Hispaniola -- shared by the DR and Haiti -- it often fails to place things in perspective, neglecting to mention that the Dominican government has only been able to deport 15,000 undocumented individuals per year, when the United States under President Barack Obama saw more than 400,000 people deported in a year, with US authorities offering no mercy to those without proper documentation.

The Dominican government has failed to deport individuals who could neither pay for their immigration applications nor provide full proof of identity, but in the Anglo-corporate media narrative, the Dominican government is not providing free residence permits to foreign nationals from a failed state; it is instead failing to give those people citizenship, something which the generosity of open borders and free Dominican maternity wards entitles them to.
A victim of DHS statelessness. UFP
Yet one need to look no further than Connecticut, where a Haitian national by the name of Jean Jacques brutally murdered a woman despite having been given a deportation order from the United States for a previous unlawful killing.

The Haitian government refuses to even acknowledge that Mr. Jacques is a Haitian national, much less offer him a passport or other documentation which would have allowed him to be removed from US soil, preventing him from killing another US citizen without cause. Simply put, the Haitian government has the blood of US citizens on its hands for its willful neglect in acknowledging the citizenship of its people abroad.

There are many Jean Jacques in the Dominican Republic, men who the Haitian government would never recognize as one of their citizens, preferring instead that the Santo Domingo government be forced to deal with the criminal nationals the failed state exports.

The Obama administration should be applying heavy diplomatic pressure on Haiti, threatening to no longer issue visas to its citizens should it continue in obstructing the course of immigration justice, but the Hillary Clinton State Department set the trend for tolerating Haiti's diplomatic negligence. 

In the same way that the Haitian government pretends that Mr. Jacques is not one of its nationals, so does it pretend that countless other murderers and rapists free on Dominican soil are not its citizens.

Hundreds of Dominicans have died due to the government's inability to control the flow of people in an out of an island smaller than South Carolina, especially since the Dominican government is able to apply much less diplomatic pressure on Port-Au-Prince than Washington.

The Dominican people are of black descent, yet the Anglo-corporate media often portrays attempts by authorities who try to deport Haitian nationals as "racism." 

The Haitian Constitution says that the children of its citizens, regardless of where born, are citizens of Haiti, yet in practice the government in Port-Au-Prince only selectively recognizes this constitutional right, preferring instead to allege that individuals like Mr. Jacques are the victims of statelessness.