Dominican Volleyball Player was Talk of the Olympics Despite Not Participating

Winnifer Fern├índez, a gorgeous Dominican volleyball player, has been setting the Internet on fire with her stunning looks. Men all over the world fell for the beautiful athlete upon discovering her on social media after some creepy cameraman began over-sexualizing the unsuspecting Fernandez while she was busy in action on the court. 

A global sensation. Aslato
Ms. Fern├índez isn't the only beautiful woman on the team, known collectively as "Las Reinas Del Caribe." However, she did standout and is now a well known name on social media. 

Las Reinas Del Caribe had a great year despite not making it the to the 2016 Olympics. The team still made its mark in the Copapanamrd2016.

On their official social media account, the team has let it be known that their main focus is the 2020 Olympics. 

Winnifer Fernandez has since come out to denounce false social media accounts who posted her images. In a recent video, she spoke out saying that she does not use social media and would like her fans to ignore and disregard these false social media accounts. 

Catfishing is an epidemic on the web, with many people falling for the charade of fake accounts, which oftentimes use images of the victimized person and fool many unsuspecting admirers. The Instagram and Twitter accounts pretending to be run by Winnifer Fernandez quickly caught fire, gaining thousands of followers overnight. A couple of days later, the official account for Las Reinas Del Caribe, tweeted out that the account was fake.

Many blogs wrote articles about the hottest woman at the Olympics, but she wasn't even there. The volleyball outfits are very revealing and just imagine: a bunch of Dominican women in those. 

Come on, what do you expect? On Twitter us Dominicans were already tweeting about Las Reinas way before they started to get this much attention. And of course I'm a "Tiguere," you think I don't know they're sexy? 

The hottest sport in the DR.
However, I think the women on the team are more than just their sex appeal; they set a good example for young Dominican women on the Island, showing them that they don't have to sell their bodies. Moreover, they uplift those who think they can't make their presence felt in the world.

Of course they are beautiful, they are Dominican women; their athleticism and teamwork goes along with their beauty and grace on the court. It's not only convincing, it's entertaining and they improve the image of the sport. I watched them win the Copapanamrd2016, where competition was fierce, but they displayed excellence nonetheless. In front of a large hometown crowd, the women of the Dominican volleyball team really gave 100% for the gold.

At the end of the day, they are good role models for young Dominican girls on the Island.

By: El Conde