Dominicans Decry Church Complicity in "Passive Invasion" As Catholic Priest Legally Declared 89 Haitians as His Children

The Dominican government is completely powerless in the face of Vatican intrusion into not just its immigration laws, but also its very continuity as a sovereign entity.

The renowned Dominican sociologist Manuel Nuñéz recently decried how the government failed to bring charges against Father Vigny Bellerive, who during his time in the Dominican Republic as a Vatican envoy legally declared as his children close to 100 Haitian nationals.

Didn't have sex, but still claimed paternity. YNW
Although Catholic priests are supposed to take a vow of celibacy and thus couldn't possibly legally declare children as their own, Father Bellerive never faced reprimand from the Church, and neither have other priests who also took legal action in the DR to recognize Haitian minors as their sons and daughters.

Father Pierre Rucquoy declared children in the DR, and 4 of them turned out to be biologically his, but he never faced reprimand from the Church. 

The Catholic Church, fearful that its influence in the Dominican Republic is waning as more citizens convert to the protestant faith, has now simply decided to import new believers, making sure that their very existence in the country is owed to the church.

As its power in the Dominican conscience wanes, many Catholic priests have simply given up, and now concentrate exclusively on trying to convert the children of voodoo practitioners, with Father Tomas Abreu Herrera, attack dog for the Church, openly confronting the Dominican government after it sought to invalidate Father Bellerive's egregious mockery of the country's immigration laws. 

The Vatican, in its function as a state, has in essence declared a demographic war against the Dominican Republic, with foreign nationals pledging allegiance to a foreign Pope thinking that they can dispense Dominican citizenship to thousands of individuals not entitled to it.

Although the Church was instrumental in the development of the Dominican people's Hispanic culture over the past five centuries, the Vatican now represents an exigent threat to its very destiny.