Open Conspiracy: Haitian Elite Want to Export 200,000 Migrants Per Year In Order to "Alleviate Poverty"

In years past, certain open border proponents would ridicule "far-right" Dominicans for alleging that the Haitian ruling elite were heavily involved in a conspiracy to passively invade the Dominican Republic. The preachers for open borders, however, no longer have the guts to criticize Dominican nationalists, since Haiti's own newspapers are now openly suggesting that the country export 200,000 citizens per year, with the hope that it can reduce the number of poor in the nation and increase remittances. 

Dominican hospital at the border; soon to be every hospital? El Nacional
The large-circulation Haitian daily, Le Nouvelliste, recently called for 200,000 people to leave Haiti, with the Dominican Republic serving as the most obvious relocation destination. 

As it currently stands, there are already more Haitians in the Dominican Republic per km² than there are "Brazilians in Brazil, Argentinians in Argentina, and Americans in North America," with the guaranteed certainty that Haitian emigration at a level as called for by Le Nouvelliste will result in the demographic death of the Dominican people in less than two decades. 

The population of the Dominican Republic is expected to peak at 12 million in the 2070s -- rising from its current 11 million -- after which point it is expected to begin a natural decline. The arrival of 2 million people over the next decade will completely derail every single long-term infrastructure plan which the Dominican government has in place, a derailment which will be exacerbated by the significantly-higher birth rate of newly-arrived Haitian nationals.

The United States, French Guiana, Suriname, the Bahamas, and multiple other nations have not only closed their borders to new Haitian arrivals, but they have also just started deporting those living in their territories in an irregular manner.

In criticizing the Obama administration's decision to begin deporting Haitian nationals who would have until recently been protected from deportation due to a hiatus established just shorty after the devastating 2010 earthquake, the oldest Dominican daily, Listin Diario, wrote that Mr. Obama was placing the Dominican Republic under grave danger. 

This past summer, the Dominican government was slated to begin deporting 142,000 people, mostly for failure to pay the 300 dollar residence permit renewal fee, but President Danilo Medina decided at the last hour that Haiti had not recovered sufficiently from the 2010 earthquake to handle the mass deportation of its nationals from another country.

The United Nations peacekeeping force in Haiti has just been given its last 6-month mandate, after which point the stability of the decade-plus failed state will be left up to its 13,000 police officers, a monumental endeavor for which they may not be completely up to the task. 

The hardcore criminals the United States will soon start sending to Haiti will simply cross the border and get jobs in the DR, hiding among the stream of the hundreds of thousands of destitute people which the Port-Au-Prince elite are openly plotting to ship abroad.

Future Dominican call center employee?
Among these criminals will be men like Jean Jacques, who served 15 year in jail for murder and should have been deported to Haiti, but the Haitian government refuses to recognize him as one of its citizens. 

Mr. Jacques would later go on to butcher a Connecticut woman, much in the same way that a thousand other Jean Jacques will butcher in the Dominican Republic, with the Haitian government also refusing to recognize its citizens, many of whom have recently started pretending to be from the Congo in order to get preferential treatment when traveling across the Americas.

The elite of most countries aspire to export advanced technological gadgets or great works of art, but it seems that the Haitian elite aspire to export misery and poverty, with the hope that it can solve the country's overpopulation crisis. Haiti may indeed lift itself from its current status as a failed state, but it will remain the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere even if it exports 2 million citizens over the next decade. In the process, however, the Dominican Republic will be knocked down a few notches, and could soon see itself bankrupt in the dark like Puerto Rico and crime-ridden like Nicaragua.