Visa Imperialism: US State Department Yanks Visa from Dominican Politician Who Refused to Grant Birth Certificates to Children of Undocumented

Wally Brewster, America's most controversial ambassador, has caused another storm in the Dominican Republic after the US Embassy in Santo Domingo informed Roberto Rosario, the head to the county's Electoral Board, that he was no longer welcome to visit the United States.
Would rather not travel to US than be a cuck. Diario Libre
Mr. Rosario is being heralded on Twitter as the most devoted politician in the ruling party, and the only one willing to stand up to the United States, especially in his position as head of the Electoral Board, which is responsible for issuing birth certificates.

The Dominican Republic, like most of the world's countries, does not dispense citizenship to individuals born on its soil to undocumented parents, causing problems for the upper-middle income country in processing individuals from nearby Haiti, whose lack of government means many of its citizens are unable to acquire basic documentation. 

Mr. Rosario has stood firm in refusing to grant birth certificates to the children of undocumented individuals in-transit, and now he has made enemies of the US Embassy in Santo Domingo, whose gay ambassador does not take kindly to criticism, blasting anyone who questions his gay activism among the youth of the conservative island.

If the US Embassy in Santo Domingo felt that taking away Mr. Rosario's visa would send a message to the Dominican government, that message is being heavily overshadowed by the strong social response from the Dominican people in support of the mild-mannered bureaucrat.

Pelegrin Castillo, one of the country's most outspoken nationalists, demanded on Twitter that the Dominican government inquire as to exactly why Mr. Rosario's visa was taken away, but so far the response by the Presidential Palace has been muted.