Bonesman: "Elite to Detonate Nuclear Bomb Inside of the US if Hillary Assassinated"

They'll burn the Republic to the ground instead of handing it over to the people. YNW
A Donald Trump victory must be prevented at all cost, even if it means blowing up an entire city, killing hundreds of thousands and thereby plunging the Republic into political uncertainty that could lead to a protracted civil war as an embattled President Obama suspends the elections and declares martial law. The elite will stop at nothing, and Abreu Report has learned that Machiavellian plans have been put in motion to prevent the fall of the establishment candidate: Hillary Clinton.

As it currently stands, the corporate elite have decided that Hillary Clinton needs to win at all cost; human life no longer factors in as a relevant concern in their calculations. The Washington Post, The New York Times, and the rest of the conniving corporate media now openly resort to pushing the lie that the race is over, that the American people care more about "social progress" than preventing nuclear war with Russia. Yet no matter how much dirt they dig up on Mr. Trump, there's always more dirt that can be found on Ms. Clinton, even if the media works its hardest to bury any revelations, going so far as lying to the American people and telling them that only reporters can research Wikileaks. 

Behind that fa├žade of certainty in Ms. Clinton's fated victory is nothing but sheer panic, especially since Mr. Trump has promised to not shield the political elite from prosecution for their crimes, as Mr. Obama has done in protecting Ms. Clinton from the FBI when it came to her digital crimes. 

A member of Skull & Bones who travels in certain circles says that his "colleagues" are not even conspiring in the traditional sense, that they are now openly talking of what "needs to be done" to prevent a Trump victory. 

When people with power and a lot to hide are panicking, it may be time to worry, since any little mistake or miscalculation could set-off a chain of events that culminates in more than one hydrogen bomb detonating, of a full-blown nuclear holocaust destroying humanity. 

The Belgian government recently distributed iodine pills to its population to prepare them in the event that a terror attack on a nuclear power plant leads to a meltdown in the Low Countries. It may be time, however, to recognize that the greatest risk is not in Belgium, but in Washington DC.