Dominican Ministry of Defense Discovers Two Machines to be Used in Clandestine Manufacture of High-Caliber Rounds on Eve of Haitian Elections

Whispers of a civil war. WKM
The Dominican government has been on high alert over the past few weeks as an increasing number of individuals based in the United States try tirelessly to send every single type of weapon imaginable to the island of Hispaniola.

A massive surge in the number of machine guns discovered inside of food containers led the Ministry of Defense to double the number of agents posted at the nation's ports, something which likely made possible the discovery of machines which were to be used in the manufacture of high-caliber ammunition.

The machines were sent by Barco Shipping, a company headquartered in Rhode Island, where there is a large Dominican community. 

The discovery of these machines of death will likely raise fears that bullets are already being produced in high quantities on the island. 

If the necessity to double the number of agents in the country's ports seemed overblown at the beginning of this week, it is likely that we'll see even more members of the country's security forces deployed to prevent what looks like the prelude to civil war in Haiti. 

Haitians, who failed to elect a president during last year's general elections, will head to the polls in October in what's already shaping up to be an extremely volatile period for the Caribbean region, with the possibility that one single bullet could unleash a series of events similar to those that followed the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Europe which triggered World War I. 

The United Nations, in over a decade of occupation, has succeeded only in spreading cholera and marginally holding Haiti together, and their exit from the country next year will cut loose the last string holding up the giant marionette, whose collapse will exacerbate a refugee crisis of apocalyptic proportions, potentially dwarfing the avalanche drowning Europe. 

People in the United States are busy preparing for what looks to be the end of any semblance of order in Haiti, and the Dominican Republic appears to be the place from where the next invasion, like the last one, will be launched.