Hurricane Havoc in Haiti to Facilitate Weapons Smuggling as Invasion Army Prepares for Post-electoral Mayhem

Thousands of casualties expected soon. GS
The most powerful hurricane in recent history is expected to strike soon over Haiti, a nation currently facing a deforestation problem that represents an existential threat to the very survival of human life on the western side of the island of Hispaniola. Casualties are expected to be in the thousands, with the potential to cripple the country's ability to hold elections in the coming weeks.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic, from whose soil the next invasion of Haiti is expected to be launched, have recently been mandated to triple their efforts at the nation's ports, seeing themselves forced to open a humanly-impossible number of shipping containers, many packed to the brim with food crates.

Although weapons and equipment to be used in the manufacture of ammunition is being intercepted on a daily basis, it appears that US authorities have not been extremely helpful in preventing the unlawful export of what will likely be the arsenal of Haiti's next dictator. Nonetheless, all efforts to prevent Haiti from collapsing into chaos before the next elections were for naught, as the damage to human life and what's left of the country's infrastructure, devastated in 2010 by an earthquake, will make it easier to smuggle the necessary armaments to pacify the population.

The hurricane isn't just bringing strong winds and heavy water, it's also bringing weapons, uniforms, boots, and even the communications tools that will guarantee the installation of a pro-Washington dictator in Port-Au-Prince.

As the Dominican media reported in the past in regards to Operation Popeye and statements made by a prominent Catholic priest, the US government has been actively modifying the weather in the Caribbean, with this current hurricane striking at the most politically-convenient time for the Clinton Foundation and the CIA.

It has been reported in the past that the US government possesses the ability to direct the path of certain storms, a technology supposedly developed decades ago, when the Pentagon sought every way possible to strike at its archenemy, the Soviet Union. Hugo Chavez, shortly before his death, accused the US government of using a tectonic weapon to strike Haiti, citing as evidence the lack of damage that occurred in the nearby Dominican Republic.

Considering the ruthless way in which Bill Clinton assumed control of Haiti's reconstruction commission and was essentially granted dictatorial powers over the country, it may very well be the case that a tectonic weapon could have been used at the behest of America's most infamous political crime families.

The coming storm will cause significant damage, leaving one certainty in its wake: the Clinton Foundation will profit.