Mexican Cops and Immigration Agents Implicated in Human Smuggling Over US Border

Smuggling people illegally into the United States is official business in Mexico, with police officers and immigration agents assisting in the flow of Haitian, Cuban, and African people that has already begun to overwhelm US authorities at the border. According to a shocking report in the Mexican media, agents of the Instituto Nacional de MigraciĆ³n (National Immigration Institute) have actively distributed false documents to Haitian nationals that guarantee them passage towards the south of the US.

Assisted by Mexican government officials. Cuartoscuro
The level of collusion between police and traffickers is so extensive that it is almost impossible to discern where the line is drawn between criminal and law enforcer. Mexican media just yesterday reported that 21 police officers were apprehended ferrying a truck full of migrants destined to illegally enter the United States.

An investigation by the federal government in Mexico uncovered that in the past two months alone, over 60 Haitian and African nationals were apprehended with false documents issued by the Instituto Nacional de MigraciĆ³n.

Despite the number of documents dispensed illegally by the INM, only three agents have been relieved of duty, leading some to complain of official inaction. 

There are currently up to 20,000 Haitian nationals en route to the US border, with their passage through Mexico already causing racial tension as the Frente Mexicano Nacionalista (Mexican Nationalist Front) demands that the Afro-descended Caribbean migrants immediately leave Tijuana and Mexicali, lest blood be spilled.

According to the Mexican Nationalist Front, the new arrivals are causing anarchy and dedicating themselves to delinquency. Members of the MNF further complained that the new migrants were dedicated to importing misery and filth, and that should the government fail to slow their arrival, Mexico could see itself facing worse problems than the Greek islands near Turkey.