The End of Dutch Speech Tolerance: Geert Wilders to go On Trial as Shisha Lounge Beheading Remains Unsolved

Resources that could be used to solve beheading case. Gatestone
Dutch authorities are busy keeping people safe by putting on trial the notorious speech criminal Geert Wilders.

In a country where 1/5th of young men of Moroccan descent have been arrested multiple times, is it that criminal of a politician to ask his constituents if they want immigration of fewer individuals from that region of the world?

Marijn Schrijver, author of the book Mocro War, writes that over 100 men of Moroccan ancestry have been killed between Amsterdam and Antwerp in the past two years, with 30% of the new luxury apartments in some Moroccan cities being financed with money from crime in the Low Countries.

Politicians in France have recently suggested that the country could be better served by ending immigration privileges for family members of citizens, and considering the quantity of money flowing to Morocco, it is also reasonable that politicians in the Netherlands would want to prevent immigration for those in Morocco with family links to Dutch citizens.

To deny that there is a problem would be to deny the existence of those new luxury condos in Tangier, but the multi-cultural activists at the Dutch Ministry of Justice prefer instead to put on trial the only man in the Netherlands willing to talk openly about getting rid of the players in the Mocro War, a man who has lived secretly and under constant police protection for trying to save his country from turning into a French suburb.

Of those 100 men murdered as part of this greed-motivated war, was one Nabil Amzieb, who was found decapitated outside of a shisha lounge in Amsterdam earlier this year.

Mr. Amzieb was not a serious criminal himself, but he was friends with serious criminals, and his beheading was just one of the many messages sent this year to the players in the Mocro War and to the Dutch people, telling them that their country is in crisis. 

The trial of Geert Wilders is proof that the crisis will continue unless the open border-zealots are confronted in their reverse crusade.