Bush Family May Assassinate President Trump to Cover-Up Justice Scalia Murder

Observing his own handiwork? WND
The Bushes always have a magical way of being present at the site of prominent assassinations. A young CIA agent by the name of George HW Bush was spotted in Texas just before President John F. Kennedy was gunned down by a magic bullet fired by a lone nut.

Vice-President George HW Bush was also dining with a member of the Hinckley family the night that John Hinckley Jr. tried to assassinate President Reagan, an assassination which if successful would have handed him the presidency.

Reports are that after he survived the attempt on his life, President Reagan grew more paranoid and gave vice-President Bush the power to manage the Central Intelligence Agency to his liking, essentially making him the most powerful warlord in Central America.

The Bush family grew immensely wealthy from funneling Central American cocaine to North America's inner cities, using the false pretense of fighting the Sandinistas and preventing the spread of communism to hide their crimes. Judge Antonin Scalia was a trusted man to the Bush family during this time, and they knew that putting him in the Supreme Court would guarantee the Bushes a generational influence over the Republic.

Perhaps Justice Scalia grew closer to his Catholic faith, eventually seeking to confess what he knows about the Bush family mafia, a religious reawakening which led the Bushes to fear how he would rule in his Supreme Court decisions. This past year Justice Scalia was murdered in Texas, with sources pointing the finger at the same family that always happens to have a member inconveniently linked to every prominent political killing in the United States.

When Abreu Report broke the news earlier this year that the justice of the peace responsible for declaring Scalia dead of natural causes over the phone, Judge Cinderella Guevara, was responsible for covering up a death and that the Bushes had dirt on her, we were mercilessly attacked by the globalist media.

One thing the mainstream media has shown consistently is that if someone's source is being ruthlessly attacked and marginalized, they're trying to hide something. It looks like the battle to find Justice Scalia's replacement is heating up, and the elite will stop at nothing to prevent questions from arising that could break the false narrative surrounding the highly suspicious death of America's most important conservative judge. It's not too far fetched in today's America to expect that the Bush family could execute yet another coup, this time not to gain power, but to prevent their crimes from being exposed.