Why People No Longer Buy Leftist Hypocrisy

"Miley Cyrus Fighting for Women's Rights." FlappinSalmon
Miley Cyrus could run for president on the democratic party in 2020 and her morality would hardly be questioned by her leftist supporters. 

The corporate media expected the American people to be offended at words uttered in jest and in private by an otherwise upstanding man, yet on a regular basis it conditions the masses to accept as normal the public disregard of traditional morality. 

It was not too long ago that members of the leftist media were insulting the Dominican Republic for banning Miley Cyrus from performing in the country due to the offense it could cause in the conservative Catholic country. The current vice-president of the Dominican Republic, a strong liberal woman whose morality is consistent, recently backed Hillary Clinton for the presidency of the US due to the offensive nature of comments made by Mr. Trump. 

Although this website criticized the VP of the DR for meddling in the internal affairs of the United States and for potentially starting off on the wrong foot with the Donald administration, her dedication to traditional speech and sexual morality is consistent, unlike Ms. Cyrus'. 

The past 8 years have revolved around leftists redefining biblical morality, all the while writing the strict speech codes of the nation. In electing Donald Trump, however, the American people have decided that a person too crude and slutty to perform in the Dominican Republic, where prostitution is legal, perhaps shouldn't try to hold themselves up as judges of "offensive" speech.