Brother of Slain Green Beret: "Liberal Media Baseless Misconstruing President Trump's Words."

Bravely signed his life away. P
The liberal media is on yet another witch-hunt, this time soiling the memory of a slain warrior, when our Commander-in-Chief has told the truth. Yes, he knew what he was signing up for. There's no disrespect to that, only absolute pride.

My brother died in Afghanistan, and he knew what he was signing for. If the President were to call me today and tell me that my brother died knowing what he signed up for, I would tell the President, "Yes, sir, he knew he was risking his life but his love for OUR COUNTRY was so great that he still signed on."

Most Americans are comfortably sitting on their couches not fully realizing the sacrifices that our elected leaders have to make. We're living in one of the most difficult periods since the fall of Rome, and day in and day out President Trump is tasked with deciding the fate of freedom.

Make no mistake about it, President Trump has kicked the shit out of ISIS. The Islamic State is but a shadow of its former self since President Trump handed back the reins to the military, taking it away from liberal bureaucrats. There's no man who has done more to save American lives than President Trump, and he has done it by empowering our warriors to deliver hell to the enemy as they deem fit. 

President Trump is saving the lives of our soldiers by giving them the tools they need to fight the enemy, but the liberal media will convince you that "mean" words are worse than Taliban bullets. 

By: Alfred P. M