Fears of Deep State Plot to Provide ISIS with Weaponized Plague

Coming to the shores of Africa?
More than 2,000 people have been infected with the plague over the past couple of months, with scores dying and international fear growing that the Medieval scourge could go global after falling into terrorist hands.

Security experts see it as a very real possibility that former members of the Somali terror militia Al-Shabaab, who have now allied themselves with the Islamic State, are in the process of acquiring samples of this new deadly strain of the plague.

As is often been the case with weapons desired by the Islamic State, the Central Intelligence Agency has been more than willing to furnish advanced weaponry, often for free. There is a very real probability in the coming weeks that members of the Deep State will satisfy the blood thirst of the Islamofascists and provide ISIS with the means to spread the plague on an industrial scale, killing thousands of innocent people. 

The Department of Homeland Security recently issued a bulletin warning about the danger of weaponized drones against targets in the Homeland, and the implicit threat was made that they could be used to deploy biological weapons. 

Once the plague hops over from Madagascar to mainland Africa, it will become extremely easy for terror groups to mount glass jars full of infected blood on commercially-available drones, and a simple bottle falling from the sky may one day become as horrifying a sight as a missile falling on a crowd of civilians.

If World War I is best remembered for trench warfare and chemical weapons, World War III will likely be remembered for drones and biological agents,.