Deep State Threatened to Kill Flynn's Family

Fears assassination? Getty
The Deep State has gone into overdrive and is now desperate enough to begin threatening people's families.

The stock market has never been in better shape, and it looks like America is on track to impress even the most pessimistic of economists. There is a reason why the Deep State has decided to attack now: Americans are beginning to wake up to the lies of the fake media and their covert attempts to subvert the will of the American people.

We're in the early stages of what historians may say was the second American coup, with the first being the killing of John F. Kennedy by operatives of the Central Intelligence Agency, operatives who still have influence with the New Deep State.

This time around, the Deep State knows it can't kill the President outright without plunging the United States into a civil war they cannot manage. Make no mistake about it, however, the Deep State does want a civil war, but not while a freedom-loving President like Donald Trump is in the White House, they'll make sure to put in a stooge who will oppress the American people and plunge the economy into a depression, all under the guise of protecting us from the new Jews Russians.

Robert Mueller has somehow managed to squeeze former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn into pleading guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, confessing to talking to the Russian ambassador without acknowledging as much to the FBI, a blatant lie.

When the truth isn't able to bring down a giant, the Deep State will decide to use a brick of lies. But the American people are awake and no longer willing to let themselves be hoodwinked by radicals with security clearances who don't care about America.