Dominican Republic Under Cybernetic Attack by Venezuelan and Cuban Operatives

The Dominican Republic is experiencing a cybernetic attack of unparalleled proportions, with elements within the Cuban and Venezuelan governments actively working to undermine the nation's electoral system. 

According to a source, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro himself ordered that the Dominican Republic be subjected to a state of cybernetic emergency. 

President Maduro is afraid that Ramfis Trujillo, current candidate for the Presidency of the Dominican Republic, could after being elected order a team of Dominican operatives to assassinate him. Although the fear in Mr. Maduro's mind that future President Ramfis Trujillo could have him assassinated may seem like paranoid hallucinations of a deranged socialist mind, the fact remains that Mr. Ramfis Trujillo's father, the former dictator of the Dominican Republic, tried and almost succeeded in assassinating the Venezuelan president.

On the 18th of July, 1960, Time Magazine wrote: "Dominican Dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo has done many harsh acts and some stupid ones in his 30 years in power. But perhaps none has ever matched the deed he was accused of last week. The Organization of American States listened to detailed evidence that Trujillo personally plotted last month's nearly successful assassination attempt against Venezuela's President RĂ³mulo Betancourt."

It is unlikely that current Dominican President Danilo Medina will respond to this latest act of aggression at Venezuelan hands. In recent years, mafia elements tied to the Venezuelan government have been actively involved in the shipment of narcotics to the United States through Dominican ports, with only American government officials having the bravado to take on the rogue regime of Nicolas Maduro and his "Cartel de los Soles."

This latest attack on Dominican infrastructure reflects poorly on President Medina, and elements within the blogosphere are demanding that action be taken against Venezuela not only for crippling the nation's cyber-capabilities, but also for using the country's ports to traffic narcotics to Europe and The United States.

In fact, elements within the blogosphere are praying that Mr. Ramfis Trujillo is successfully elected next year, so that he can succeed in doing what his grandfather was unable to do: assassinate the Venezuelan president.