Dutch Government Cover-up in Number Killed by Israeli Bioweapons Plane Crash

Netherland's 9/11. HLN
In 2012,  NOS, a large-circulation daily in the Netherlands, made some troubling revelations as to the number of people killed by El Al Flight 1862, which crashed into a large tenement building just outside of Amsterdam.

According to NOS, Dutch authorities reported that only 39 people were killed in the building, but later revelations now highlight that initial casualties exceeded over 400 due to the number of undocumented immigrants residing in the apartment complex. Sources believe that the Dutch government only included in its casualty list people who were registered at City Hall (Gemeente,) making a highly-organized effort to discredit any allegations that undocumented immigrants were residing in the complex. 

Sources indicate that the Dutch government was very concerted in its efforts to downplay the number killed during the plane crash due to the highly-dangerous cargo being carried by the Israeli jet -- which had made a layover at Schipol Airport after departing from the United States -- because they knew that the jet's cargo would over time cause severe medical problems for thousands of people, resulting in countless lawsuits. 

Israeli jet was loaded with biological and chemical weapons. Cineflix Productions

As initially reported by Dutch and Israeli authorities, the state-run Israeli airline was carrying "fruit, perfumes, and computer parts," and it would not be until years after the crash that information was leaked during parliamentary debate revealing the shocking truth: El Al Flight 1862 was not loaded with innocuous cargo. 

In 1998, The New York Times made it known to the world that although Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the chemicals on the plane were "non-toxic" and destined to be used to test the effectiveness of "gas masks," countless "people living in the area complained of unidentified health problems, including respiratory and skin ailment."

It took 6 years and thousands of Dutch citizens developing medical problems often seen in victims of biological and chemical weapons attacks until the Dutch Health Ministry and the Israeli government finally admitted that the plane was loaded with enough dimethyl methylphosphonate to produce almost half a ton of sarin.

As per the BBC, the plane's cargo was destined for the Ness Ziona Institute, which is responsible for "manufacturing chemical and biological weapons."

As per the Israeli government, the Ness Ziona Institute works with "highly-pathogenic bacteria such as Bacillus anthracis, Yersinia pestis and Francisella tularensis," with the large-circulation daily Haaretz reporting in 2011 that what "workers do behind the walls of this institute is one of the best kept secrets in Israel, tightly guarded by the military censor." 

Haaretz also reported that the bio-agents developed at Ness Ziona have been used by the Mossad to poison the enemies of Israel, with the high-profile assassination in 1996 of Hamas political leader Khaled Meshal serving as a brutal example of Israel's willingness to use biological weapons against non-military targets.

As the Jerusalem Post reported, David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister, sent a letter  in 1948 to a Jewish Agency representative in Europe, calling on him locate Jewish scientists who could "increase the capacity to kill masses."

Although Israeli and Dutch authorities only now admit the existence of DMMP in the plane's cargo, the thousands of people who have developed medical problems due to El Al Flight 1862 are convinced that biological weapons were present on the jet.

As Blik Op Nieuws reported in 2016, two helicopters loaded with members of the Mossad descended upon the Bijlmer crash area, possibly to hide the fact that "to date, a quarter of the load is unknown," much of it presumed to be of a biological nature.