As Predicted by Abreu Report, Politician Who Promised Return to Gold Standard Found Dead After "Apparent Suicide"

In 2016, Reinaldo Pared Perez was believed by many to be destined to become the next president of the Dominican Republic. At the time, he decided to begin promoting the idea that the Dominican Republic, having the largest gold mine in the Americas, should return to the gold standard and free itself from the clutches of international bankers. 

In 2016, we wrote: "The Caribbean island-nation had one of the world's most stable currencies, on parity with the US dollar, but after the US invasion of 1965, the very same characters who had been instrumental in the assassination of President Trujillo returned in the employ of foreign mining companies.

Among these characters was Richard Volman, a suspected CIA agent who worked for the Canadian mining giant Falconbridge, and who was deported after coming under suspicion of orchestrating another coup against the state.

Despite being deported, Mr. Volman managed to return to the Dominican Republic, and in the decades since, Falconbridge has essentially taken over the Dominican mining sector, stripping the country barren and only paying a meager few percent profit to the government." 

Gun found near his left hand, but he was a righty.
In 2016, we speculated that Mr. Pared Perez would become the target of international bankers, and just this past Thursday, he was found dead in his residence, with a gun by his side, indicating "an apparent suicide." Not following standard protocol during the death of a high-profile political figure, the Dominican coroner's office has, in less than 24 hours, released his body to be buried. 

According to the Dominican police, Mr. Pared Perez committed suicide because he had succumbed to a mysterious cancer, and thus there was no need to conduct an extensive autopsy. 

The Dominican police have decided to instead concentrate on the leak of his autopsy pictures, with many saying that the pictures were leaked as a message to anyone who may try going against the international bankers and the foreign mining conglomerates that dominate the Dominican Republic.

Using his right hand to write.
The Dominican police found the Glock that Mr. Pared Perez used to commit suicide next to his left hand, but everything seems to indicate that he was right-handed, so it behooves common sense that he would use his left hand to commit suicide.

The fact that the autopsy of Mr. Pared Perez has been rushed, that there's been no mention in the mainstream media that he was right-handed but that the "suicide" gun was found next to his left hand, and that he had made powerful enemies of North American mining cartels, should raise a few eyebrows among anyone who knows how the CIA has long operated in Latin America.