Source: Biden Administration Discussed Possibility of Declaring Martial Law and State of Emergency Should Former President Trump be Indicted

The Federal Bureau of Investigations recently raided the home of former President Donald Trump and -- as predicted during intense meetings between members of the National Security Council and high-ranking officials within the Joe Biden administration -- internet chatter concerning the possibility of a "civil war" breaking out in the United States grew astronomically.

According to a source within the NSC, scenarios were discussed under which former President Trump could find himself indicted for federal crimes and sitting in a court room. In a nation that was only as polarized in the 1850s, the conversation almost naturally flowed towards the possibility of a "seditious conspiracy" taking stage in the days after a potential indictment of the previous Commander-in-Chief.

The prospect of violence breaking out as President Trump drives in his limousine to be arraigned for charges that could make it impossible for him to run for office again in 2024 was deemed to be extremely high. 

The very real possibility was discussed that: "Donald Trump benefits from violence delaying his trial and preventing a conviction until the 2024 elections."

Another possibility discussed was that "a criminal conviction would render him unable to run for office again and could be seen as a 'Deep State coup by many of his supporters.'"

Suffice to say, with a federal judge signing a warrant to raid the home of a former president, it is not imprudent to acknowledge that America has entered a new period in its history, one that could very well be marked by domestic violence "as the nation struggles against a revanchist Russia, with our unity questioned."

According to documents viewed by Abreu Report, the necessity was indicated for the use of precedents established by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War in the eventuality that the "Homeland may become a hot battlefield."

Ex parte Vallandigham 

In 1864, Representative Vallandigham of Ohio argued publicly against President Lincoln, stating that the Civil War was "not being waged for the preservation of the Union," but rather "for the purpose of crushing out liberty and erecting a despotism." 

Mr. Vallandigham was subjected to a military tribunal and convicted to confinement for the entire duration of the war, with the Supreme Court determining that it had no authority to review military tribunals. 

President Biden, having learned the value of arcane law during times of war, fully intends to dispense ole' style justice to anyone who pretends to hinder the trial of Donald Trump. Joseph Biden's former boss, Constitutional Lawyer Barack Obama, famously utilized World War II precedent to lend legal weight to his targeted drone assassination program. 

It appears that President Biden's Justice Department is willing to pursue charges against Donald Trump, and, accordingly, they have prepared for the possibility that a low-level conflict may ignite within the United States, with arcane laws used to indefinitely detain and possibly execute anyone who speaks out against the coming crackdown,