Drunk Soldier Beats Up Korean Grandpa

Korea is a land of extremes; in a mere few decades it has gone from the development level of Ethiopia, to that of France. It has all the hallmarks of a modern democracy, but not when it comes to drinking. If it is the case that you are a businessman and the company takes you out for dinner, you have to prove that you are man enough to handle a few bottles of soju; blackouts are encouraged. Jae Jae is a famous tailor, a staple fixture in my fiction, but he behaves more like a Korean businessman.
Jae Jae was loaded -- extremely drunk -- say sources who witnessed the incident as it unfolded. My source says that Jae Jae was incomprehensible that night, and that he is usually incomprehensible when drunk. "To the best of my knowledge, the only two words in English that he knows when drunk are 'fuck you'. There is also the possibility that the word America or Miguk was thrown around with those other two. In his drunken rage, the GI thought that he was defending America. He repeatedly screamed that he had spent 6 years in Iraq, and that he was not going to put up with Jae Jae's bullshit, and that he had killed more men than Jae Jae had even met."
According to sources, the soldier was also very drunk. And, funny enough, the soldier had been in an altercation with my source: "I ended up getting into a fight with that guy before as well. I was in Seoul Pub for a social drink with friends, when I noticed that he walked in; I politely commented to him that he looked like Matt Hardy, the wrestler... he got offended. Without any indication, he approached me and punched me. 'I'm not Matt Hardy, motherfucker!' he screamed at me."
However, it would be the case that my source would end up drinking with this grandpa-beating GI some months after his Youtube rise to fame. "A couple of months after the Jae Jae smackdown, my Irish acquaintance and I happened to chance upon him while engaging in extended drinking festivities. He hung out with us all night and it became apparent that he has issues. He was hurt, part of his lower leg was blown off -- or something to that extent -- and it was apparent that his mood would shift wildly, that he could just snap at you at any moment. He didn't have a limp or anything, but he was just one word away from breaking his leg on you."

I then asked my source how he thinks Jae Jae would feel if he read this article: "Well, very unlikely that he will, but even if he does, he'll only understand 'fuck you america miguk' and he'll like the article." I for one do hope that Jae Jae likes this article.