Cryogenically Preserving Sperm

Many men are running around the world competing in the same way that their ancestors did. The smartest men, however, use technology as a weapon. Cryogenically preserving sperm is easy, fast, and relatively inexpensive. You could do it for as little as 200 dollars a year.

Simply knowing that your death would not prevent your plans from being put into place is a bigger consolation than the promise of an afterlife. You don't have to be rich. All you need to know is the power of compound interest. Let's say, theoretically speaking, that you went to an Asian country, where it's easy to save 20,000 dollars a year. If you let 40,000 dollars sit for 40 years, you would have 281,000 dollars at 5% interest. If you add 5,000 dollars a year for those next 40 years, you would have close to a million dollars.

You can start with any principle, but the more the better. ~300 grand is more than enough to purchase a farm in a third world country. I know of couples that hire surrogates to carry their children for as little as 10,000 dollars.

You can live the next 40 years completely stress free. No worries about fulfilling the biological imperative: reproduction.