The Most Dangerous Man Alive

As I write, scores of police and federal officers are conducting house-to-house searches in Big Bear, California. Since police officers are being targeted, the police are rallying around each other and placing the finger near the trigger. Should Chris Dorner successfully continue to wage, as he described, "asymmetrical" warfare against the LAPD, America will descend to tyranny and martial law. 

It is uncertain whether Dorner is working alone or has recruited disgruntled individuals to wage his war. Given the nature of his writing, it is likely that he will attract many people who have suffered at the hands of the police. Further, the very dangerous possibility exists that attacks will be attributed to Dorner when in fact no ballistics or DNA analysis have been conducted. 

The DHS has just recently purchased 23 million bullets, adding to its already billion plus arsenal. Further, the DHS has purchased 7,000 bullet-proof checkpoint booths with "stop-and-go" lights. Internal memos circulated and drills conducted have warned employees to prepare for potential unrest in the event of an Obama reelection and continued economic uncertainty. The agency has particularly highlighted the danger of ex-military.

Make no mistake about it, Dorner is a terrorist! This is, of course, if the manifesto that is attributed to him was truly written by him. According to current United States law as it is written, Dorner is liable to be indefinitely detained without trial under the National Defense Authorization Act. Furthermore, he might be the first American to be taken out with a drone within US soil. The fate of the United States is now in the hands of one man. Should Dorner evade capture and wage a prolonged campaign, the full descent to tyranny will be complete. Don't fear, the government has prepared for a long time, and they have our best interests at heart.