America 2014: Gays' Rebellion

The most important issue of our time will soon be decided not by elected officials, but by appointed judges in America's highest court. If the Supreme Court rules against gay marriage, it will deal a blow to America's competitive edge against our liberal allies. Countries no longer choose coveted immigrants; talented immigrants choose countries, and the gay wealth and genius is better off in today's Europe than in America.
Beyond dealing a blow to America's competitive edge in attracting and retaining certain individuals, there's also the damage to the American mythos of equality and liberty that is espoused around the world to promote our interests. At stake is also America's ability to morally tax citizens. As Americans are legally required to pay taxes regardless of where in the world they may live, gay Americans escaping a hostile tax environment at home may be faced with the prospect of paying taxes to a backwards homeland even while living in a gay-friendly country. There is a possibility that some case may arise in the future where a court in a progressive democracy rules as persecution attempts by the US government to tax gay individuals abroad. Imagine if the widowed American partner of a Swedish citizen were required to pay taxes on the Swedish partner's estate; such is the tyranny of American law as is currently written.
A Supreme Court decision that perpetuates the status quo won't have any immediate repercussions, as things won't change much from the way they currently are at the moment. However, you can be sure that our leaders in powers are preparing for an escalation in social tension should the Supreme Court decide that gay marriage has come to America. Indeed, many of America's most conservative elements will see it as a declaration war against them by "liberal activist judges." There will be many municipalities and possibly states that will resist or try to curtail gay rights, forcing Obama to declare a state of insurrection and assume emergency powers. Homeland Security will be deployed in full force to expend the billion plus rounds of ammunition that they've acquired over the past year.
There is a possibility that gay marriage will arrive peacefully, but a violent rebellion against the federal government is more likely. There has been an 800% increase in militia activity since Obama's election, and a post-gay America will see a further increase in right-wing militias and lone wolf extremism. Though gay marriage will be the catalyst that ignites the American powder keg, it will be in the eyes of many rebels simply one item in the long list of attacks against their traditions and beliefs. And indeed, many will have valid complaints and concerns about government power and state rights, but it will be drowned out by the noise of gay marriage. Nations around the world managed to end slavery without descending into bloody civil war, and likewise many have succeeded gay-wise where the US looks likely to fail.
The NDAA act gave Obama the power to indefinitely detain US citizens, perhaps in preparation for a brutal repeat of the 1860s. As with Lincoln and confederate forces, history has decided that Obama be given great power and responsibility to deal with "associated forces". The Constitution will be cancelled until the "end of hostilities," and if hostilities end during this generation or the next, then perhaps the Constitution may be revived. America may not survive, but considering what Obama inherited from Bush, it's best that we go fighting for a righteous cause of equality rather than doubts concerning 9/11 and fear of  rag-tag Islamic terrorists.