Korean Weapon of Doom

In the 1970s, South Korea discovered a series of infiltration tunnels that had the potential to move up to 30,000 North Korean soldiers an hour. These tunnels have not all been detected, and in the event of engagement between the Koreas, the North will move people and unleash them in densely populated civilian areas in order to nullify the South's air force and heavy, modern armor. In essence, the North will bring guerrilla warfare to the South's own cities.

South Korean forces will find themselves fighting brutal street battles instead of engaging in conventional warfare. Though the North will get blanketed by the combined American/ROK air force and thus destroyed from above, the South will get destroyed from below. North Korea does not have the capacity to deploy a nuclear bomb from a rocket with guaranteed efficiency, but they can most certainly deliver one through a tunnel, potentially unleashing deadly, radioactive earthquakes in South Korea.

Even if Kim Jong-Eun only has one nuclear bomb capable of destroying a Southern city, the South may very well capitulate and try to reach the negotiation table, lest a second city be casually destroyed. The North has trained for one single purpose: to cause a maximum amount of South Korean casualties, and they will be successful. To ''win'' a war, the North only has to cause destruction and survive until its opponents ask for a ceasefire; its own losses are irrelevant.

Kim Jong-Eun is gambling on the South negotiating if one of their cities is destroyed, but only time will tell if the South will seek the unconditional surrender of the North, regardless of how many South Koreans die. The people in Korea right now are as nonchalant as they were in 2010 when the North bombed a Southern island, but the situation is different this time. The North finds itself isolated in a world where its enemies increasingly play by fewer rules and where technology continues rendering them more obsolete. If they don't break the current status quo, their ability to intimidate and blackmail the South will be reduced with each new technological development. The fight must be now or never for the North; this is the end of the road for them.