America 2015: Homeland Security Fugitive

Homeland Security has today released a picture of Michael Viter, the insurgent who escaped last week's raid in Austin, Texas. The police found Al-Qaeda material in Viter's home, but did not specify what type of material they seized. However, it most likely pertains to drone evasion, especially considering Viter's dramatic escape in the middle of a fire fight.
"He's most likely wearing clothing lined with specialized shielding, which has made him extremely difficult to detect from the sky. I guess were are gonna have to rely on dogs and good ole' fashioned police work," said DHS Chief Snader.
When asked how the insurgents in Viter's compound were identified, Chief Snader said, "at the moment that remains classified, but it's pretty obvious to me from the Al-Qaeda material we found and from Mr. Viter's willingness and capacity to evade the law, that he constitutes a threat to public safety, and that he has prepared to be a public threat for as long as we search for him."
When pressed for details on the relationship between the individuals in the compound, Chief Snader stated that he was not authorized to diclose whether the insurgents were or were not of close kin affiliation. "I think the very question itself is irrelevant. What's relevant here is the safety of the American people," he added.
Police also found 3-D printer files for high-capacity ammunition clips in Viter's hard drives. "It's pretty clear that Viter was willing to produce felony contraband to aid him in his terrorist enterprise," further added Snader.
Homeland Security is offering a reward to anyone who provides information leading to the capture or targeted killing of Michael Viter.