The Legal Illusion

Of what use is the law if it is only an illusion? I sometimes wish I were living in an illusion, for it would make the absurdity of America's laws all the more easy to swallow. It seems, however, that believing the illusion is easier on the heart: you don't have to stress about unpleasant truths. 

We used to be told that we had a Constitution, that we were entitled to certain protections. The Constitution goes short of saying that God gave men certain rights that cannot be taken by other men. One of those rights is the rights to be safe in your possessions, or to be allowed the privilege of your name being read out in a kangaroo court. There is increasingly more limited access to these kangaroo courts, unfortunately. You see, if you go to the border, you lose your constitutional rights, and the government can confiscate your belongings or rummage through your computer at-will. 

This is somewhat reasonable, and most governments around the world do it in one way or another, but the tyrants in Congress have decided to extend the definition of the word "border" to include nearly two-thirds of the United States. Today, there are close to 200 million Americans living within 100 miles of the border, the distance at which your rights become arbitrary privileges under control of Homeland Security.

According to a source, a national event of significant magnitude will trigger plans declaring the 100 mile Constitution-free zone into a virtual police state. The technology has already been developed and extensively tested on Muslims, who most certainly have put up a harder fight than can be expected of any American population.

Let's look at the story of the Brossart family in North Dakota-- who lived within 100 miles of the border -- and ran into some good ole' trouble with the sheriff because of 6 cows, and eventually were all apprehended using a Predator drone. Yes, the alleged theft of six cows escalated into a Predator drone and a SWAT team. DHS has gotten so many requests for drones, that soon they will start a billing system of sorts. Homeland Security has also recently purchased 2,700 MRAPs, the tank-like vehicles used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It seems that the pipes have been laid, and soon the steam of tyranny will violently make its way around America. We can in the future expect more drones and DHS checkpoints along America's massive "border." In some good news, the state of New Jersey is by federal law considered in its totality what it rightfully is: a border town.