PROOF! Saddam Had Weapons of Mass Destruction

Yes, that's right, I can incontrovertibly prove that Saddam Hussein not only possessed weapons of mass destruction, but that he consistently ordered and was aware of their use against the Iranians during the 1980-88 Iran/Iraq war, and that he routinely used these weapons of mass destruction in plain view of the international community. Saddam Hussein had rocket propelled grenades. I don't understand why the international community even bothers asking questions about mobile bioweapons labs that never materialized; the real danger was in Saddam passing along RPGs to Al-Qaeda.

Now, I don't know why the US government has suddenly decided to classify RPGs as weapons of mass destruction, but the very classification itself strikes me as a deliberate attempt by the Washington Establishment to dilute the English language, obfuscate history for future generations, and disgrace the memories of the brave men and women in uniform who died in a misguided pursuit to eliminate Saddam's supposed arsenal of unconventional weapons, ie. biological and chemical.

The Al-Nusra fighters in Syria are indeed Sunni terrorists; they are after all a natural response to the Shia militias that Petraus and his counterinsurgency expert Steele unleashed upon Sunni insurgents following the fall of Saddam. Mr. Eric Harroun, a former American soldier, decided to go out of his way to join Al-Nusra in Syria, posing in many pictures. As he went out of his way, it was his responsibility to investigate who he was rendering services to and as a result must pay the price, but for the Obama justice department to accuse Mr. Harroun of “conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction” only serves to perpetuate Bush-era policies in an even more nefarious way.

The American people were lied to; plain and simple. We were told that Saddam needed to be eliminated for possessing unconventional weapons. Would the American people have consented to the invasion of Iraq if we'd been told that Saddam was thinking of giving out RPGs to terrorists? By the very same definition, we are guilty of arming countless paramilitary groups and death squads from Nicaragua to Cambodia with weapons of mass destruction.

We armed the Taliban with weapons of mass destruction before they were the Taliban – when Osama was our Soviet-hating comrade. And speaking of Taliban, does anyone remember the big bad wolf from the early years of the war on terror, the American Taliban John Lindh? Well, he was convicted – in a civilian court, not Guantanamo – of “aiding the Taliban” and of “carrying an explosive during the commission of a felony.” Had John Lindh been convicted under this administration, he likely would have been charged with carrying a weapon of mass destruction in support of a terrorist group.

Using a weapon of mass destruction is a crime for any US national. If tomorrow the Dominican government starts putting Haitians in concentration camps and I decide to go and kick some ass with an RPG, the US government could go after me for using weapons of mass destruction.