The Summer of Our Discontent

In my previous article “The Enemy's Most Powerful Weapon,” I posted a video from Press TV – the Iranian news agency – reporting on the death of American writer Philip Marshall. Marshall allegedly murdered his family and committed suicide. However, Press TV advertised another reality, one in which Marshall didn't commit a heinous crime, but rather was the victim of a politically-motivated assassination. The politically-motivating reason according to Press TV? Marshall wrote a book accusing the Bush administration of complicity in the September 11 attacks.

The sanctioned belief in Iran seems to be that 9/11 was a false flag attack, and that secretive elements are willing to carry out assassinations in order to cover facts and punish muckrakers and troublemakers. As I wrote earlier, my friend in the Department of Homeland Security – let's call him Pablo – believes that Iran wants to further spread a version of events not supported by the 9/11 commission report. Pablo also mentioned Russia, and a few days afterwards, Russia Today – the Kremlin's main mouthpiece – produced a video also voicing support for a different interpretation of 9/11.

We recently saw how the new Chinese president visited Moscow for his first trip abroad, being received with horses and full honors. China and Russia have greatly strengthened their relationship, while both drift away from the US. Pablo tells me that soon the Chinese media may start to air the same version of events favored by Iran and Russia. Whether the Chinese actually start airing doubts about 9/11 or not, it's clear that they are undermining the US.

Recently, China and Australia decided to conduct transactions in their own currencies, thus threatening the dollar as the world's reserve currency. Russia has also begun to conduct transactions in rubles, and Iran has been dreaming of it for years. As more and more nations abandon the dollar in daily transactions, the dollar loses its throne as the world's main reserve currency. As America's dollar declines, so will more nations challenge its power and long-held narratives.

As Pablo informed me for my previous article, DHS suspects that Iran operates a cartel near the border. The Free Beacon reported on the 22nd of March in further detail what Pablo had told me 18 days earlier. That there is also a strong Russian presence near the border, now I have no doubt; the Russian mafia is far more capable than the Iranians when it comes to doing what is attributed to Mexican cartels.

Are Russia, Iran, and China working together? If so, do they have a military, economic, and media strategy? A media war is much easier to wage than an armed conflict or economic war, and it seems that the 9/11 narrative will be in the front-lines of coming tensions between the East and the West. Whether most Americans would like to admit it or not, the story of 9/11 is one of the weakest in our historical narrative, and, as such, America's rivals will squeeze it. If the Obama administration doesn't open a independent investigation into 9/11, another country will; suspicion and doubt will tear away at our nation.