Everyday Federal Criminal

When the Founders crafted the Constitution, they envisioned a state government that largely dealt with everyday affairs, and a federal government that for the most part dealt with interstate and international affairs, having little role in the life of the typical citizen going about his day. This is no longer the case in the United States, for the federal government increasingly seeks to encroach upon the daily life of each and every one of its citizens.
Buying a pair of scissors made in one state and riding the highway means that whatever offense you are about to commit is no longer a state offense, but rather a federal one. 95% of federal cases result in either a conviction or a plea bargain, and the supreme court is unlikely to hear appeals, thus making federal charges the most guaranteed way that a person is going to prison with little recourse of a local jury. Though the recent case involving Amish cutting the beards of others might seem comical, the legal implications represent a tremendous overreach by the Obama administration, and are very blatantly a test case for the future.
The Obama administration is now basically saying that should a person do anything more than put a hand on another, they could face federal charges. I can envision a scenario where the federal government could pile on charges even if no out-of-state scissors/logs of wood/vases/shoes, etc. were used to commit the crime, even if no highway was ridden before the crime, even if no plane was taken before the crime, even if no TSA-protected train was taken, and even if no letters were sent. Perhaps you dreamt about crossing state lines.
The new logic of the Eric Holder justice department is rather interesting, to say the least. By the same logic, a shooting committed against a typical citizen is a federal crime because most guns and bullets contain interstate components. Every shooting or stabbing in America could potentially be treated as a federal crime. The only crimes mentioned in the constitution are treason, piracy on the high seas, and counterfeiting. If the constitution were rewritten tomorrow, however, the only non-federal crime you could commit against a non-government representative would be attacking them with your fists within the confines of your home for reasons not related to their gender identity, race, or etc.
But, most interesting, perhaps throwing a shoe made in China at a US government official constitutes an international crime in The New America.