Gunpowder of Mass Destruction

Yep, gunpowder over a certain amount may soon be classified as a weapon of mass destruction. People who have stockpiled ammunition should right now consider themselves persons of interest in this continuing war on terror. The revelation that the Obama administration would charge a US citizen with "conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction" after firing an RPG on foreign soil, against an enemy of the United States, means that a pressure cooker full of gunpowder on US soil also qualifies as a weapon of mass destruction.
This attack in Boston has bigger political implications than are immediately visible. Should there soon be a massive drive to restrict gunpowder – and therefore bullets – more and more pro-2nd amendment Americans will see a nefarious hand of government. The motive for the attacks has not been released, but it is obviously intended to provide the government with a reason to restrict the gunpowder supply.
At this point, the “conspiracy theorists” – who increasingly make up a larger percentage of the American population – are suspecting that government had a hand in the Boston marathon bombing. If it is not the government, it is very clearly a group or individual wanting to make it seem as if the Obama administration will stop at nothing in its quest to strip the American people of their gun rights. The fact that this terrorist attack has already planted the seed of doubt means that any future “guilty party” will be seen by many as a patsy.
Should this attack prove to be domestic, and should these attacks continue, America will become a full-blown police state at war with right-wing elements within its own population. As more men in combat fatigues descend upon America's streets, however, we should remember one of Benjamin Franklin's more famous quotes: “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”