From Waco to Jordan

The minute I heard that a massive explosion had taken place near Waco, Texas, I said, “again?” This month is proving to be deadly, and indeed it has for a long time. Certain news sources are reporting that there is a likelihood that the blast that leveled West, Texas was criminal. I say it's more than criminal; it's symbolic.

In 1993, the federal government raided a compound in Waco, Texas in a show of force that resulted in 76 dead men, women, and children. The Waco siege for many anti-federal groups is as compelling a reason to rebel as the Boston massacre was for the early American colonists. So, when I heard Waco and explosion, I immediately saw it as revenge by some right-wing group. At this moment, we can only hope that this terrible tragedy was an accident, because if it was indeed a terrorist attack, America's lot will quickly change for the worse.

In the gory reporting of the Boston marathon bombing and the West, Texas explosion, few people are even aware that the Pentagon has sent 200 troops to Jordan. Soon they will be fighting in Syria, and there is a possibility that as many as 20,000 may join the fight. Though the war on terror was supposed to wind down in 2014 with America's withdrawal from Afghanistan, it now appears that war will continue well past the year 2014.

For several months, I have been hearing in the conspiracy blogosphere about a chemical attack to be staged by the government. If indeed this explosion in West, Texas was criminal, the government will clamp down on civil liberties. We are at a very dangerous crossroad in America not because explosions are taking place, but rather because people no longer believe the government when they place blame. Disinformation is the oldest strategy in war, and soon we may be at war with ourselves. Disinformation will reign supreme.

I wish I could say that there is some magic way that I can stop this from happening, but the reality is that Americans are eating chips and watching TV. Tyranny will be made into an entertaining TV show, and the masses will digest it favorably.