My Girlfriend's Jeans

As with all things José, I was bored and a random spark of genius/insanity popped one idea into my head. Most people have a spark of genius or a spark of insanity on very rare occasions, but I'm different, I have sparks every few minutes. Mostly I'm too lazy to do anything about it; probably for a good reason. So, somehow I get the bright idea of seeing if I could perform all of the poses on the Yoga Jeans catalog, and my girlfriend of course serves as my willing photographic conspirator. I knew the pictures would end up on facebook, and that my partner would e-mail the pictures to someone with a position in the company, since she's the only retailer in Amsterdam.
So, since the pictures are already on facebook, and since they have already been mailed to Yoga Jeans, and since my girlfriend has the jeans for sale, I figured I may as well review them.
After all, it's 2am and I'm hoping that writing helps me fall asleep, but I digress.
So, I was able to fit comfortably into the jeans, and I was really pleased with the way they made my butt look -- I think it developed a nice, bubbly look to it that made me just want to grab it while checking myself out in the mirror. So, they look acceptable, which is man-speak for that's all the review a man needs in order to wear something. But of course, you already knew that the Yoga Jeans resembled the average modern pair of jeans. What you wanted to know was if a man with a beer gut could perform all of them fancy acrobatics that them skinny models perform in them ads; the answer is a resounding: "yes."
Sure, Yoga Jeans may be only for women, but no one is going to know. All they are going to know is that your ass looks fantastic in that pose.