Whispers of a Coup

Could Obama be impeached by the House? The possibility grows more likely every day. If you haven't been keeping up with news reports on investigations into the Benghazi crisis, what you basically need to know is that the Obama administration went through considerable lenghts to obfuscate the facts surrounding the attack in Benghazi. If I were going around alleging about the Obama administration what some members of the House are alleging, I would be labeled a conspiracy theorist. And indeed, some members of the House are claiming that Obama and Hillary Clinton conspired to mislead the public.

The zeal and confidence with which House Republicans have investigated the 9/11 attacks in Benghazi signals that they have enough evidence to lead motions against the sitting president. Although they will likely succeed, impeachment will not pass the Senate -- as 67 votes are needed. Though Johnson and Clinton were both impeached by the House, and with no ensuing social unrest, America of 2013 may be different.

My friend in DHS tells me that impeachment in the House and an ensuing wave of economic uncertainty creating breeding grounds for dangerous conspiracy theorizing are the main reasons for the continuing armaments buildup by the Department of Homeland Security. My source says they fear that initiating impeachment proceedings for Benghazi will open a Pandora's box of dangerous conspiracies. There is already heavy monitoring of current and former soldiers. By all accounts, the level of monitoring is increasing. It is increasing because many former military officials often find themselves at odds with the current administration.

It is one thing for citizens to believe conspiracies, and it can be dangerous, but it is far more dangerous when elected politicians and soldiers espouse conspiracies. Though most Americans are completely ignorant of the fact, there are thousands and thousands of armed, well-trained killers with years of experience who believe that their own government is at war with them. Most Americans are further unaware that their government has recognized these individuals and is heavily preparing for the eventuality that a large number of them will orchestrate an attempt to seize power.

 One group that draws particular concern to the US government is the Oath Keepers, founded by a lawyer from my alma mater. It is uncertain how many Oath Keepers there are -- some estimate about 40,000 -- but what is most worrying to the government about them is their pledge to disobey any order they see as unconstitutional. With a deadlocked congress and an impeached president, the possibility of a group like the Keepers disobeying a presidential order en masse increases daily. Once that happens, the US will be effectively at war with itself. 

There are groups other than the Oath Keerps. In fact, no one knows how many groups or how many individuals in uniform will disobey an order from Obama. No one can predict what the response from the Obama administration will be, but if DHS bullet purchases are any indication, there will soon be blood on the streets of America.