The Duck Stamp of Tyranny

America is descending more and more into tyranny, and with each passing day another person falls into a lifelong vicious cycle that is hard to escape. Take for example 6 year-old Masidon Grimm of South Dakota: she is now the artistic equivalent of a federal felon for life.
"But, why," you may ask, "would the federal government go after a 6-year-old?"

Well, it seems that Madison decided to submit a stamp to a contest with a duck that was not fully produced by her; the juvenile delinquent decided to trace one of her father's ducks. Now, tracing an unpublished duck was not clearly banned by the rules, and nobody decided to check up on Madison's skills, or to ask her the specifics of the duck before awarding her the prize.

A 1st grader broke an unpublished rule and now she will have to forever answer some questions when she's applying to a job, a contest, a school, etc. Anyone who googles her name will know that the feds went after her for plagiarism. And if at 6 you're capable of fooling federal officials before a thorough investigation points you out as a fraud, then the government is only working to keep us safe. I'm certain that by 12 Madison would likely have moved up to Picasso forgeries, and by her early self-emancipation at 16 would likely already be a hardened, known art criminal had it not been for the feds; they did the people a public service.

Update: After proper outcry, the ruling has been reversed.