Lisa Monaco: First Dictadora of America

Back during the Cold War, the United States feared that large parts of the US government could be crippled by a Soviet nuclear decapitation strike on Washington DC. Plans were drawn up for the federal government to continue operating from below bunkers and by fiat. Of course, the Soviet Union collapsed over two decades ago, and the US faces a lesser existential threat today then it did then, but the continuity of government plans have been made more draconian. 

In fact, the continuity of government plans are a secret maintained by the Executive branch, and not even Congress is allowed to know exactly how the government will be directed in the event that someone in the Executive, for almost any reason, decides to declare that the federal government is under such threat that continuity of government needs to come into effect. Maybe tomorrow a terrorist (19-year-old kid) detonates a weapon of mass destruction (pipe-bomb by another name) near the White House and then, bang, the Executive branch decides that there is a state of emergency that warrants suspension of the supreme law of the land as we know it. 

When tyranny comes to America, it won't be named the Fourth Reich, it will be named "Enduring Constitutional Government," and it will be presented as a savior to the people. Yes, the secret White House plan for a martial law takeover of the US government will change the structure of our government to such an extent that it will no longer be a democracy with checks and balances. The judicial and legislative branch will merely offer suggestions to a secret government ruling from bunkers. 

I have contacted absolutely everyone that I know, and I have made inquiries in multiple libraries, but I still cannot determine exactly what the government's secret plan is for continuity of government, or what type of emergency could warrant suspension of the typical rule of law. In essence, it's all a secret. An event like the one that took place in Boston could theoretically suspend the constitution if it were to take place in DC. In that event, unelected bureaucrats part of the Department of Fatherland Security will assume key posts in the US government. 

Notice her left eye, indicating a temporal lobe disturbance.
The language of NSPD-51, the secret presidential directive issued by Dubya, effectively states that the US will become a military junta -- the word ''comity'' is preferred to junta -- and that Lisa Monaco will assume responsibility for "coordinating" the three branches of government. She's already got the Boston Massacre sob story about her brother running the marathon and her being from Boston to solidify her future emotional manipulation of an inept US public. Our government as we knew it may soon cease to exist.