The Untimely Death of Michael Hastings

As I wrote in February, The Night of the Long Knives may be soon coming to America. In my February article, I listed General Carter Ham as one of the military officials that had been purged by Obama. General Ham will testify about Benghazi on the 26th of June. He will do so in secret, and his testimony has the power to bring down the Republic. 

Obama will conveniently be in Africa from the 26th of June on, and after General Ham testifies that Obama committed treason, a coup may unfold in the United States. The Department of Defense has already prepared Federal Military Commanders to quell unrest because the president will be out of reach. The fact of the matter is that there will be blood in the streets of the United States if General Ham is not silenced; Obama knows this, but he probably doesn't care. 

The individuals behind continuity of government stand to benefit from a coup. There will be conspiracy theories in the days and weeks after everything unfolds claiming that the government is directly behind the coup and unrest, but this is not the case. The government has simply created a fertile environment for unrest, and has forced certain elements into that environment. 

Michael Hastings brought down General McChrystal, and he was murdered as the first victim of cointelpro in this coming conflict. Obama wants a coup, but of course no one can predict what Ham will testify. Nonetheless, he knows at this moment that he has the future of not only the United States, but also the world, in his hands. 

It was recently revealed that Richard Nixon committed treason by interrupting the peace process in Vietnam in order to get elected. Lyndon Johnson knew, but he couldn't say anything because it would have revealed that the US was tapping the phone of the Vietnamese ambassador. Lyndon Johnson's silence allowed Nixon  to get into office, to expand the Vietnam war into Cambodia, and to destroy that country. Maybe General Ham will go the same way of Lyndon Johnson, but in affairs that affect the fate of the world, no one can say what will breed more chaos.