Review: [Inadvertent] Enemy of the State

I decided to plop down on the couch last night in order to watch a dystopic sci-fi thriller starring Will Smith. The movie starts with a gay-vibe as a cold-eyed guy we later learn works for the NSA and was born on September 11 talks to an older man, imploring him to do as he says. The NSA guy offers him coffee, but the older man just wants to play with his dog.

"Pass this pervasive telecommunications bill, Congressman!" commanded the NSA guy. "Hell no!" responded the Congressman, and the NSA guy got pissed but didn't express any emotions.

The NSA villain, deciding that he could no longer wait, ordered two of his men to plunge a syringe into the Congressman's neck, and to dump his body and car into the lake, carrying out a perfect suicide. But of course, there was a camera in the woods that somehow found its way into Will Smith's bag, turning him into an... enemy of the state!
The evil NSA guy then decided to turn Will Smith's life upside down in case he saw the tape.
The perfect date of birth for an NSA agent.
Smith is a lawyer in the movie, so it's not hard to link him to the DC branch of the Italian mafia, and to use an affair from his past against him. However, the woman with whom Smith had the affair was also his source for dirt on the mafia, and that dirt came from Brill, a retired NSA agent who secretly raised her as a favor to her dead father, who was Brill's partner in the NSA. We later learn that Brill, the father-figure/retired-NSA, was kicked out for fucking it up in Iran. Nonetheless, Brill states that he loved the Iranians.
After some double-crossing and chicanery on a ferry, Smith gets Brill to examine the video that was passed to him. But Smith made the mistake of using a payphone while on the way to Brill's bunker, so the Feds find the bunker and blow it up right after Brill and Smith figure out exactly what and who was on the tape. During the process of blowing up the bunker, the video gets damaged, but it doesn't matter because they learned enough to go after the bad NSA guy.

Smith and Brill escape the bunker; and it was rigged with explosives, imploding into itself. Smith and Brill then think of ways that they can set up the bad guy in the NSA; Brill dons a police uniform and wears a wire, successfully getting the NSA guy to confess. After Brill gets him to confess, Smith tells them to drive down to his associates in the mafia, but the bad NSA guy doesn't know that they're mafia. Once inside the Italian restaurant, Smith tells Bad-NSA guy that mafia-dude has his tape, and Italian guy thinks it's a tape of him having fun with some union officials, so he gets pissed in Italian and English.

The Italian guy's friends all have guns and then they all kill each other in a shootout with the NSA, while Smith survived with no ear-drum damage by ducking under a table between the shooters.
To be honest, I think the "futuristic" technology depicted in this 1998 thriller is laughable by today's standards. It's scary to think that what once featured in my childhood science fiction, is now political fact.

Photos: Touchstone Pictures