The Birth of a New Confederacy

Never before have the words: "The South will Rise Again!" rung more prospectively chilling. With the murder of the Voting Rights act, the Supreme Court has guaranteed that the 29 states with constitutional bans on gay marriage will work to usher in a new era, one that will resemble Jim Crow before Martin Luther King.

Though the recognition of gay marriage at the Federal-level is a much laudable and overdue achievement, the narrow interpretation by the SCOTUS means that the court expects gay unions to be an issue tying up the courts in those 29 states where gay marriage is banned. The intervening years will see many conservative states battling with legally-married couples who are in the eyes of their laws not equal. The elimination of the Voting Rights act guarantees these conservative states will try every possible tactic and trick in the book to get anti-gay politicians elected into office. The nation has this week been set on a collision course that promises to at the very least derail the next election cycle if not plunge the country into another civil war.
Though conservatives and liberals alike have traditionally respected decisions by the SCOTUS, Glenn Beck consistently promotes the theory that the NSA's spying program has compromised judges and and politicians. However, Glenn Beck's fringe theories hold little water because there are checks and balances built into the system to ensure that a rogue system's analyst is incapable of breaking his oath of office and abusing power or absconding with state secrets. Either scenario is unlikely; after all, even during the worse days of the KGB, there were no spy agency defectors going around advertising themselves as the celebrities behind whistleblowingleaks [thanks, Associated Press Manual.]

However, no one can deny that the NSA has indeed been compromised, and though the time for gay marriage has arrived, and though the time for a new congressional formula on discrimination has indeed come, every decision by every court in the United States has been rendered suspect given the unlimited scope of the NSA's spying.

The NSA's spying program will become "necessary" because of its own creation and the era of suspicion that its creation has birthed. Cell phone tracking was initiated because of paranoid fears surrounding Islamic terrorists using them as detonators, and the government's continued tracking is further justified by terrorists, this time domestic. Government paranoia of right-wing domestic terrorists will be used to justify the perpetuation of the spying, and the spying will create the very domestic dissenters that will be labeled as terrorists. In the end, the paranoia will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.