4321 Days After September the 11th; War with the Muslim Brotherhood!

Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Morsi will not relent, and Al-Jazeera is reporting that tensions will persist. Furthermore, Al-Jazeera is also reporting that the US bankrolled anti-Morsi activists. One of those individuals receiving funding from US DoJ fronts was Esraa Abdel-Fatah: "Who sprang to notoriety during the country's pitched battle over the new constitution in December 2012. She exhorted activists to lay siege to mosques and drag from pulpits all Muslim preachers and religious figures who supported the proposed constitution, just before it went to a public referendum. The act of besieging mosques has continued ever since, and several people have died in clashes."
If that's not agitation enough, the Obama administration has also announced that it plans to continue ahead with the delivery of F-16s to the Egyptian military, the same military that just recently overthrew democratically-elected Morsi. In combination with other revelations, the failure to delay delivery of the F-16s only serves to confirm that the US supports the coup against Morsi. Let's also not forget that on the 21st of June, the US sent riot-control troops to Egypt. The Pentagon's deployment of riot-control troops to protect Egypt's military non-aggression treaty with Israel before the coup will only further inflame suspicion among the Muslim Brotherhood.
That suspicion will be further fueled by the two navy ships currently "keeping an eye" on the situation in Egypt. To an impartial outside observer, it would almost appear as if the US is agitating the Muslim Brotherhood, and indeed many believe that to be the case, even more so inside of Egypt. The recent revelations will only serve to further highlight that agitation.
If the US troops deployed to protect the Sinai peninsula are forced to use military force, it could mean the embroilment of the US in another bloody, religious/sectarian war. Morsi had not broken nor shown intention of breaking the peace treaty with Israel, but now it is almost assured that the treaty is in grave jeopardy. If the Egyptian military is dragged down into a war against its own people and to the benefit of Israel and the US, it will only serve to convince Brotherhood adherents that their real enemy is the US.
It has been revealed that Egypt has a dangerously-worrying low level of grains in stock. There is a large likelihood that continued social unrest will result in mass food-distribution disruption, and the collapse of the current military regime. If there is a food crisis, the ouster of Morsi could prove to be politically-beneficial to the Brotherhood in the same way that Chavez solidified his position by returning to power the proven victim of imperialist conspiracies. The Egyptian military could kill Morsi, but it will only make him a martyr, and the reality is that the Muslim Brotherhood is more than just one man, it is a religious movement with many very capable leaders waiting to replace him.
Depending on how events play out in Egypt, it could be the case that today's revelations may result in the beginning of a war far bigger than anything we have fought since the Second World War. Israel will not allow itself to be destroyed, and now that it has been revealed that the US supported Morsi's ouster, a returning, triumphant Muslim Brotherhood will not bare the moderate face of Morsi. The coming phase of the Muslim Brotherhood will be suspicious of conspiracies by America and Israel; if they are allowed to regain power as Chavez was, which seems unlikely. If they are not allowed back to power, they will be marginalized and most likely will turn to "terrorism."