The Last Weekend of the Republic

In response to the attacks of September the 11th, Bush transferred the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives from the Treasury Department to the Department of Justice. In so doing, he made it so that the director of the ATF now requires approval by the Senate. Of course, there's those pesky filibusters in the Senate, and in 2008 a senator from Idaho filibustered Bush's ATF pick, proving that NRA pressure would make it difficult for any ATF chief with even an inkling of anti-2nd amendment sentiment from getting confirmed.
Too much gunpowder? That's a WMD!
4321 days after September the 11th, a Senate committee approved Todd Jones to head the ATF. Todd Jones was picked by Obama in response to the Sandy Hook shooting, so you can be certain that he will be the most anti-gun ATF chief in history. Of course, there's absolutely no possibility that Senate Republicans will allow Jones to assume the post during a full floor vote. As a result, Reid has no option but to change the Senate's filibuster rules.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has proposed a so-called 'nuclear option' which will lower from 60 to 51 the number of votes needed in order to end an appointee filibuster. The hypocrisy could not be bigger, as just in 2008 Reid was going around promising to preserve our 200-year values as a republic. Furthermore, Bush wanted the same in 2005, and we can only thank history that he was not able to institute a nuclear option at-the-time because it has managed to prolong the death of our country for just a few more years.
And now the moment has come: the Senate will make it such that a single party can control the country almost unchallenged. As Napolitano steps down from her post at DHS, and as the immigration act passes through Congress, it will be the case that the next Obama DHS appointee will control the border and immigration, and will get almost no vetting by Senate Republicans.
B. Todd Jones and the next DHS chief will have dominion over everything 100 miles away from the border; 200 million Americans will have limited gun rights in this massive 'border,' make no mistake of it. The stage has been set, and if everything goes according to plan, soon our republic will be undone.