Zimmerman: On National Security Grounds

There's a new era beginning in America: the era of popular justice. I say popular because I cannot as of yet ascertain whether it is mob justice or corporate incitement. However, it is becoming apparent that the Executive branch has taken an interest in the Trayvon Martin case such that it threatens to polarize the case further than the-already overzealous polarization caused by the mainstream media.
Former Justice Department officials have stated their concerns that it would be difficult for Eric Holder to bring charges against Zimmerman, as racism is hard to prove as a mitigating factor in the shooting. However, I foresee a scenario under which the Eric Holder Justice Department could bring charges against Zimmerman. Holder could label Zimmerman as a threat to national security.
The case against Zimmerman would be rather simple to prove, as clearly the government has deported foreign nationals on ''national security grounds'' even when they had no involvement in a crime; mere suspicion was evidence enough.
Let's say for example that Trayvon had been a federally-protected person, perhaps the son of a Senator who was hiding from his Secret Service entourage. Even if Zimmerman were unaware of Trayvon's status, his offense would have been tried at the federal level. The Department of Justice will soon extend such a status to Trayvon.
This is the ultimate case that the Federal government needs in order to turn every single act of violence involving a weapon into a Federal offense. Everyone who pulls a gun from his body should be seriously aware of the implications on national security. Let's not forget that Sanford, Florida is only 41.8 miles from Mosquito Lagoon. Mosquito Lagoon -- if my interpretation of the Florida map serves me correctly -- is on the coast of Florida.
Essentially, Zimmerman shot Trayvon near the border. The border is defined as 100 miles inland, and Sanford is well within that range. This is the perfect case for Obama to establish his border doctrine, effectively bringing 200 million Americans under the control of DHS. The stage has been set, and soon most shootings in America will be crimes near the border that threaten national security.