4321 Days After September the 11th

The self-destruct mechanism that most totalitarian governments have arises from lack of feedback. KGB propagandist Bezmenov predicted the collapse of the USSR, and he was presciently astute in noticing what any CEO knows: if you allow no criticism of your present product, your future product will fail.

Obama's obsession with the Espionage Act is turning America into something worse than the USSR. While the world is distracted by Snowden, General Cartwright sits facing the risk of severe prison time for talking to reporters about an American cyberattack against Iran. The Pentagon classifies cyberattacks that result in destruction of infrastructure as acts of war. The Obama regime plans to send a decorated American general to prison for talking to the press about an act of war undertaken by the executive with no oversight from Congress.

I repeat: a decorated and loyal American general is being tried under the Espionage Act -- passed during WWI -- and his crime is exposing our Harvard-educated-constitutional-lawyer-president's violation of article one section eight of the Constitution, namely that giving Congress the power to declare war.

If General Cartwright is made an example of, it will teach low-ranking recruits that talking to the Al-Qaeda sympathizers at the Guardian [I'm looking at you, Greenwald] will make you into a traitorous spy; or so I presume the rationale of the Holder justice department goes. However, the reality is that Obama is instigating a coup in order to enact Continuity of Government plans, to bring into gear the 4th dawn of Fascism, and conveniently 4322 days after Bush the genius artist initiated his grand plan against religion.

The USSR had fewer technological capabilities than the USA currently does, and Bezmenov tells of how the Viet Cong was able to clear a city in a matter of four hours. KGB agents had already determined where everyone lived, which taxi drivers, which barbers, which random citizen was capable of influencing public opinion. Today? I think it would take fewer than 4 hours. We know for a fact that Obama has a kill list, which he refers to as a disposition matrix. Which taxi drivers and barbers will find their way into the disposition matrix? Did the USSR have a disposition matrix? Bezmenov indicates that they did, although it was not his reason for defecting.
Remind you of Snowden in "paradise"?
Bezmenov talks about defecting: "Defect and do what!? To be abused by your media? To be called McCarthyist and fascist and paranoid? Or to drive a taxi in NYC? What for? What the hell for should I defect? To be abused by Americans, to be insulted in exchange for my efforts to bring truthful information about impending dangerous subversion? As you can see, I was living in quite comfortable conditions, next to swimming pool where Indians were not allowed by the way, I was highly paid expert in propaganda, I had my family, I was respected by my nation, my career was cloudless."

Bezmenov then goes on to talk about the pumping of ideology into a person's brain, and the strategy of demoralizing a nation. According to Bezmenov, it takes 15 years to demoralize a nation. "You cannot change their mind, even if you present authentic information. The process is complete and irreversible, you need another 20 or 30 years to educate another generation."

America has been demoralized by plan; a plan spanning 4321 days and culminating on the 11th of July. An entire generation has been brainwashed by corporate fascism during the course of the contrived war on terror. DHS has acquired nearly 2 billion bullets, and during the height of the Iraq war, the military was expending 5 million rounds a month. DHS has stockpiled for the equivalent of a two-decade Iraq war. But those bullets aren't real; "A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information; the facts mean nothing to him."

The nation will soon be destabilized, and once that destabilization occurs, the post-military crackdown won't be referred to as a "normalized" period like when the Soviets sent tanks to Czechoslovakia, it will be "Enduring Constitutional Government."