The Night I Took Advantage of a Homosexual

It was February of senior year at Yale and that means that you have to drink everyday because of something called Feb Club, which is so secret that I can barely remember enough to write about it. In previous years I heard that they gave people trophies if you actually managed to make it out every single night, but that wasn't happening my year so I totally lost my motivation to drink competitively during the last few days. Anyway, about that homosexual that I took advantage of  -- man, he doesn't know that he got used :)
So, I'm hanging out with my friend who was engaged but whose fiancĂ© had given her permission to ride my cock for the month of February, and then I start telling her about how I had never had a homosexual encounter. I confessed to her that I had on occasion incidentally masturbated to transgender porn because some asshole sent me a disguised link and once you start, may as well finish. My borrowed fiancĂ© for the month then decides that I should right then and there have a homosexual encounter.
Without any consideration for the emotions of the individuals in the room, I shrewdly judged which one would be more suitable without clothes in my bed. I used racial profiling, and selected an individual of Filipino descent because to be honest I think white guys and black guys are a combination of very hairy and very ugly. Nonetheless, it was the case that the Filipino was too muscular, and I also don't like muscles, but that wasn't an issue until we got down to the stage where I exploited him.
We got back to my dorm room, and then I jammed my finger up his butt to put him in place and show him who was boss. I didn't have one of those fancy tools most homos keep at home and use to pump water into their innards in order to clean the feces out before the pounding commences, so my finger came out rather yellow and gooey. It would be days until the smell cleared away, but after cleaning my finger with a wipe, I grabbed a condom and decided that I was gonna tap my first man-ass.
I didn't have lube, so it was rough riding to begin with; I didn't even put on some bachata as was usual when I typically invited women over. If I recollect right he was a virgin, and the ass was super-tight. I couldn't handle the smell of shit on my finger, nor could I muster a hard enough erection to sustain entry into such a tight orifice as the one he had, so I pretty much just rubbed my half-erect cock on his shit-stained ass. The experience was to be honest not very enjoyable because he had a six-pack and such obvious signs of masculinity could make my drunken experiment into something homosexual in nature. The smell in my room for the days after experimenting would successfully dissuade me from further experimenting over many, many months.