The Zimmerman Telegram and the Possible Loop of a Last Name in History

What if, hypothetically speaking, Obama's NSA had evidence of Zimmerman confessing to murdering Trayvon Martin? It has come on good word, and it explains why Obama was willing to say that if he had a son, "He'd look like Trayvon."
It appears that Zimmerman in Florida will be acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, and already many individuals are predicting the beginning of a race war. If indeed the Obama security state has evidence of Zimmerman discussing the death of Trayvon, it will not only justify the NSA's surveillance program, but it may actually spark a race war based around conspiracies. And the Zimmerman name is already famous for starting World War I [American point of view,] and precipitating WWII.
If you recollect your WWI history, German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmerman sent a telegram to Mexico that was intercepted by the British. In the telegram, Zimmerman promised Mexico parts of the US if they took sides against the US. Zimmerman confessed to having sent the telegram, and it is often cited by many historians as being the spark that sent the US into the "war to end all wars." Many alternative historians of the politically-incorrect persuasion [read: conspiracy theorists] often wonder why Zimmerman would admit to having sent the telegram, often citing his Jewish faith as a motive. Zimmerman confessing to having sent the telegram pulled the US into the war.
After the US entered the war on the side of the British, the Brits signed the Balfour Declaration, promising Palestine to the Jewish people. Conspiracy theorists often link the two together, believing that Zimmerman betrayed Germany such that the British would give Palestine to the Jewish people. And indeed, Hitler's rise to power was primarily based around the fact that he told the German people that they were destined to win the war, that in the trenches the soldiers did not feel defeated, and that instead they loss because they were betrayed by Jews inside the German government. A defeated people willingly believed Hitler's message, and the result was the death of countless millions.
If indeed the Zimmerman trial in Florida sparks race riots as many pundits are predicting, then his last name will be an echo in history. All we need is a Pancho Villa character to attack inside the US, but sadly Osama was not as charismatic.